UC Browser Scam – Complete conclusion, how it is harmful?

UC Browser is the most popular Web browser across the globe specially in India. But being the most popular app, it is also the most harmful Android application. In this blog we will be covering the topics which will make you to uninstall this app. Even previously google had also banned its installation in play store for 10-15 days due to its malicious way of advertising the app.

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How UC Browser is harmful?

UC Browser steals all possible information of yours from personal to professional information (i.e IMEI No, Mobile No., Location, Your interests, and etc.) without your permission and it sends this data to a server which is located in China (Alibaba)  According to research by Malwarebytes, an Antivirus company, UC Browser was detected as a Trojan Horse and as well as a Malware too. You can even check out some reports here of its maliciousness. UC also didn’t encrypt the data which is being shared between the user and the website, making a way for hackers to steal important information like passwords, emails, bank account details and etc. It simply uses plain text for data sharing which increases the data transfer speed. Although you might like its speed of downloading heavy files or loading the Web pages instantly, but these all happen because it compresses the files and divides it into several parts just like the algorithms performed by IDM. It downloads the files in compressed form resulting in the performance of downloading speed. It also disable ads and many JavaScript to make the Web pages load faster. But however privacy is more prior than browsing speed. So in this way UC Browser cheat its users worldwide especially in India.

How UC News is harmful

As being a product of UC Web, UC news is also a fake app which gives you 70-80% fake news just to make money. And this app steal your personal information and leak it to its server in China. In UC News the news articles are given by different bloggers and 80% of them are not genuine and they make hot news just to attract people to read their articles, so that they can earn money from it. So in this ways they have created problems to us. A Conclusion can be made that is you can try its best alternatives as mentioned below.

Alternatives of UC Browser & UC News

Talking about the alternatives of UC Browser & UC News, the best alternatives of UC Browser are Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, & Opera or you can use mCent Browser by which you can earn money, simply by browsing. And the best alternatives of UC News are the official TV News apps like Zee News, or Danik Jagaran, and Dailyhunt.

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