How to take DSLR like photos from any Android phone

This post is going to be very helpful for those people who regularly takes selfies or capture photographs. If you want to give your photographs a professional look or want to take photos like the photos taken from a professional camera (DSLR), so you should go through this post. This article is a short tutorial on how to take DSLR like photos from any android phone. Now you may be thinking that, should it possible to take DSLR like photo from any android phone. The answer is simply Yes!. You can take high quality pictures like the pictures taken from DSLRs with background blur. These types of photos are often known as portrait photos. So without any more discussion lets start!

First of all you will need an android app called Google Camera, which is presently not available at play-store, because google has removed it from there. So you can download its latest version here. The performance of this app is fully dependent on your phone’s processor and a little bit on the type of camera (how much megapixel it is) you have in your phone and it only works good within a length of 10 feet. After downloading it, simply install it in your smart phone and run it. After running it, slide it from left to right. You will see this type of screen, and then tap on Lens Blur.

Now from here you will need patience because it is not too easy also. Now for taking the photo with background blur you have to keep the object centered, it means that you have to make the object stable of which you want to take the photo and in a proper light. Now the second step is to press the capture button without moving the phone and very slowly raise the phone upwards with keeping in mind to make the object centered. Now if the app shows tick mark, then your image is going to shock you with its stunning photography and it looks like the photo captured from a DSLR. Or if shows cross mark then try again until you capture the perfect one.
Some images to help you out:

how to take DSLR like photos

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