The reality behind 9999999 gems in COC

Clashers this article is specially for you. Must read this fully, and beware of fake websites! – Team HB World

Are you a hardcore clasher? If yes, then I know that how much hard work you do for your village from upgrading the buildings to constructing the new ones.
These all take very much time and strategy to make the TH maxed. And it’s never been easier to make the game progressively fast, as there is a time limit for every activity.
So don’t lose your hard work/effort and all the time you had spent on the game by visiting the sites which promises you to provide free gems (9999999 gems) or free resources like Gold and Elixir.
Today in this post we will tell you about the reality of websites providing you free resources and gems. Many websites like and etc. promises you to provide free gems or resources like Gold and Elixir.

These types of websites have a great look and seems to be genuine but the fact is they are not genuine.
These website ask you to complete different tasks like completing the surveys or ask you to click on the ads or make you to do different tasks after filling up your details like email, TH level, password of email, XP, amount of gems or resources and etc.
They just take your e-mail, passwords or other details and try to hack your account so that they can sell it to someone and make money from it.

So always beware of these sites to stay secure and keep your effort/progress safe. And if you want to give your account the most of the security, and never wants to lose it, have look on _this_ post, because there are some of the tips to make your google account secure in this post.
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