MIT Engineers created plants that glow

plants that glow

If you have dreamed of plants that glow like lamps or ever seen this in sci-fi movies, then your dream is going to be transformed into reality. Yes it is going really to be.
Our scientists are always researching of generating energy in a very cheap and easy way. But this time they really found a very big achievement in this field.

The team of Engineers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cambridge, United States has successfully created plants that glow like lamps. To create these plants they used the enzymes of fireflies, they work on the same principle as the fireflies works on for light illumination. The enzyme was luciferase which was taken from fireflies. Then they embedded these enzyme packages in plants in the form of nano particles.

Now you might be thinking that fireflies doesnt glow simultaneously and how could be this possible. Then the reason behind the simultaneous glow of these plants is that, scientists used some co-enzymes-A which promotes this process. Then the particles releases the Luciferin enzyme very slowly over time. When this test was first taken out, the illumination of plants was for a very short interval of time (approx hr), then after doing some upgrade to it, it can last long for 4 hour and they believe that after further development they could glow for a whole night and they are testing it in trees too. If they succeed, soon these will replace our street lights, lamps and many of our lightning devices.

The scientists have really done such a nice thing by this discovery, we hope that it would change our future lightning patterns because may be after 5 years we are going to replace our bulbs with these plants. For complete/more information you can visit its MIT’s official website here. So I hope this post was very interactive to you, share this with your friends and SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter below for daily post updates.

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