How to make bootable pendrive for any windows

This post helps you to create a bootable pendrive for any windows in a very simple way.

Computers are the basic needs of present generation because no work can be done without them. And now-a-days probably everyone has either desktop or laptop which are powered by the most popular OS that is Microsoft Windows. Many times you would have faced problems like boot failure or the windows crashes (may be due to some viruses) or you may face it in the future. So whatever the cause the one and only solution for recovering these types of problem or installing new Window is that you should have a bootable media either CD,DVD, or bootable pendrive.

If you will go to purchase a bootable CD/DVD of any Windows, it will cost you too much and your time will also be wasted in this process. So you have a better option to go through bootable pendrive as you would be having one. So in this post we will be telling you how to make a bootable pendrive for any windows OS. So without any discussion let’s Start!

For making a bootable pendrive you must have a pendrive of minimum 8GB, Rufus (Software), and ISO image of Windows. The first step to create a bootable pendrive is to plug a pendrive and open Rufus, and if you don’t have a pendrive buy it here at special discount and for downloading Rufus click here. So after downloading it simply open it and then you will see a small window like this.

bootable pendrive

In the first step it is showing the pendrive you have plugged in. In second step select the field option as it is appearing on the image. In the third step select the file system of your pendrive either NTFS or FAT32. Then choose the cluster size as default in the fourth step. The fifth step is not necessary as it is the new name of your pendrive. In the sixth step tick the fields as they are in the image above and then click on the DVD icon to load the ISO image of the window, then after selecting the ISO image it will take a couple of seconds to san it and then it will show its name at the bottom as shown in step number 9.

Then finally click on START to begin the booting process and you can see its progress in the progress bar as shown in the step number 7. Then it will automatically make your penrive bootable within 15-25 minutes based on the speed of your pendrive. If you want to see the steps or algorithms of the software then you can open log file by clicking on the log button just to the left of start button.
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