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Are you searching for purchasing cheap products online at very-very low price. We know that you surely! Today we are reviewing a site similar to it which even promises you to give products at only 1% of the original price. is the website which we are talking about in this article and we will be telling you how this site works, how you can buy products at 1% of the price and how to setup your profile in that. Please read the full article till end. So without any more discussion lets start.

BidforX – Review in short

BidforX is an Indian Company whose headquarters are situated in Kolkata. BidforX website works on bidding system. All you need is to first setup your profile, get your KYC done, buy some bids and start bidding on products you want to buy at 1% price. Here is BidforX’s reason why they prefer bidding over buying products online:

BidforX gives you the opportunity to get a product for less than 1% of the actual cost of the product. In case you don’t win, you’ll still have the option to buy it at the listed price and get a discount of the amount you spent.

Example: There’s a phone worth of Rs.10,000, which is being auctioned. You bid on it for, say, a total of Rs.100 — you had bid on it first for Rs 20, then for Rs. 40, and then again for Rs.30. If you don’t win the auction in any of these instances, you can still get a discount of Rs.100 on buying that product and get the product for Rs. 9,900.

As clearly quoted above in case when you didn’t win a bid you can even get those products at a discount price. The discount money will be equal to the amount of rupees you spent in bidding. So till far-far end you have no loss. Now the question arises how the company is getting profit by giving away products at such a low-cost. So here is BidforX quotation how they actually make profit:

We make money from our partners. So a partner like Amazon, Flipkart, and Tatacliq pays us when an order is made from their website.

When users don’t succeed in winning auctions and opt out of the discount, the total amount they have bid is an additional source for us.

As mentioned above they are in profit even after giving away products at such lowe cost. And you will get your products via Amazon, Flipkart, or Tatacliq when you win the bidding.

How to setup profile in BidforX

You first login to the website and scroll down to the last section of the web page and click Sign Up to create your BidforX profile. Enter the desired information correctly in the sign up box and use the REFERRAL CODE: BABEGHAA. Then after logging in to your account you will get free 1000 bids which are equivalent to Rs.10. You can also buy more bids at a cheaper price using the REFERRAL CODE: BABEGHAA

bidforx sign up form

BidforX Sign up form.

You also have to enter your Bank details, Address or may be some extra information to verify you. You can also get some bids when your friends sign up with your referral code. In our opinion it is best for people who didn’t have enough money to buy gadgets. Since this site is new they are currently offering some of the products but we are much sure that after few weeks this site is going to rock. So guys if you like this post don’t forget to share this with your friends and also if you are new to our site we recommend you to Subscribe to our newsletters so you never miss important post updates from us. Thanks a lot for reading!

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